Like the “older brother”, Ákua was born from the origins and experiences of chef Júlio Pereira. It was in Ericeira – Portugal where it all began and, from this fishing village, we met the smells and tastes of our sea. These memories have intensified with travel experiences and contact with other regions where the sea plays an important role in people’s daily life.

On an island like Madeira, the sea is present every day and the smell of the sea air is in the subconscious of all those who pass by and live here. The Ákua emerges as a “street restaurant” where dining experiences are a constant and the flavours of our sea combine with ground flavours, in a creative fusion thought by our chef.

The menu is full of freshness and distinct flavors, in which we highlight the Fried Codfish Cake and the Tuna Poke which are some of the starters for this tasting process. There is also Fish and Seafood Ravioli, Scabbard Fish with banana, White fish Ceviche , Curry Mussels, Tiger Shrimp with Lime Aioli, Carabinieri Shrimp, Thai Shrimp.

In the dishes you can try the Market Fish with coconut and almond, Seared Tuna Fish or Fish and Seafood Fideua.

In addition, you can also taste some meat and vegetarian dishes selected by the chef.

Desserts include Wild Fruits Merengue, Banana Curry and Cream Ice Cream or white chocolate, olive and passion fruit.

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